Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nathan Turns 13 months

OK I have to stop saying Nathan is a year old now. Here is an update on his development. He is 22lbs, 30 inches long and has a head size of 18.5. He doctor was pleased at his progress and says that he does not have any signs of autism. He looks at me for confirmation and is very interactive with her. We went ahead and did the MMR shot that is so controversial right now. We feel it is best for him to be protected. With the measles outbreak in Seattle a few months ago I am happy that he has got some defense against it now.

On to how smart our child is. He can answer simple questions now. "What does the puppy say?" He says "fffff fffff ffff" (aka woof).

ba (balloon, ball)
fa (fan)
ffff (woof)
da or dad (dad)
was dat (whats that)
weeeee (having fun going down a slide/in a swing/or just walking around)

bye bye
high five
how big is Nathan "so big"

He can drink from a straw, he can blow in instruments, he pretty much has stopped crawling around and walks everywhere with out trouble. At our doctors appointment he was getting up without pulling him self up. He understand all of his toys and what to do with them. You push a car, you put a block in this hole, you turn on this toy here. He can identify objects in books with real life. He knows the picture of a bird/dog/cat/balloon and will point or sign the object to me when asked.

At one year we stopped going to parent/baby class at the hospital and we will start up at Woodinville Toddler group in the next couple of weeks. We are also going to start swimming lessons next week.

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