Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nathan Week 51

Mobility is my middle name and trying to walk is my new game. I've been lunging myself between objects that are upright and taking a few steps in between. A tumble here and there, but for the most part been doing pretty well. I am practicing up for my 1st birthday!

I am really getting to understand the words my parents are saying. I know when they tell me to take things out of my mouth. However, I might not alway listen. I've been using a little more sign language such as airplane, 'more' food please, maybe even fish.

I really babble when I am in a good mood. I know how to sleep through the night, but like a little comfort now and again.

My mom and dad really figured out this week why mom couldn't get enough watermelon while she was pregnant with me. It was me making the request from within the belly.

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