Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week 45

I am sure I am starting to repeat myself but here goes this weeks post. Nathan goes around saying Da da dad at everything all the time. My reply is still Ma ma ma. No luck. He has ga, va, da, fa, ha, ah/ in his baby babble. He says light at least once a day. He loves to stand in the fridge, pull the cats tail and scream in delight at the cats. He can be placed in his crib for naps and will cry for less than 1 minute after I leave. Then he will ether play or lay down and sleep. He still cries when he wakes and screams (not happy) when you enter the room. He thinks the cats are so funny, especially when he is attacking them with a toy. He thinks it is funny when he crawls away from me and I pull him back by the his legs. He is reaching more things these days. Laptops that could be safely stored at the back of the couch are now in reach. He can reach higher in the fridge and split soy sauce all over the floor this week. He loves to eat dirt from the house plants and any kind of paper. Getting the mail is the best time of day. I pull out all the recycle paper and we play on the floor tearing it and eating it. Nathan got his first case of diaper rash due to what we think is teething... but there is no tooth so maybe he was just sick. So hard to tell.

This past week we went to the U of W for yet another study. This one wasn't very exciting so I will spare you the details. We are still attending parent/child class, this is my weekly sanity check. It is getting hard to do too much due to all his naps. He is one of the few in my class that is still doing 3 naps a day. I can get out of the house once a day for two trips and that is about it.

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