Saturday, May 10, 2008

40 Weeks

The big 40. 40 weeks that is.

If you are following are blog you know Nathan knows the word light but we have a new development this week, he can sign the word light. Paul and I discovered that tonight. The conversation went something like this.

Nathan looks at up at light and does the sign.
I look at Paul and ask "Did he just sign light?"
Paul answers "I don't know, try it again".
So I turn on the light and Nathan does the sign.
Paul and I look at each other. Hmmm
Paul says "Try again"
I say were is the light? Nathan looks at light and his hand goes up and he signs it.
Can you tell I am excited??

What I don't get is I have been doing the sign for kitty since he was born, we just learned the word light last week and I just started the sign for light this week. Strange. So he has two signs, milk and light.

He has lots of babble this week. ba ba ba and va va va. No ma ma or da da yet.

What else is he doing... eating. This kid has discover the wonderful love for bread and food in general. He is feeding himself finger food... I should say shoveling food in his mouth, using both hands. Things he gets are brown rice, cheese, bits of fruits, veggies, beans, pasta, chicken and bread. If I had to say what Nathans favorite foods are apple/pear sauce, avocado, and chicken. His top two hands down are yogurt and bread.

Nathan has also learned how to have a tantrum when I take away something he can't have. Paper and bread causing the biggest fuss.

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Abbie said...

I love Nathan. I just love to hear about his progress in life. I can hear the laughter and sarcasm in your voice as you tell his (and your) tales. I can't wait to see you all.