Sunday, May 13, 2007


After hours of sweat, pain and failure the nursery is almost done. First the yellow was too green and neon in color. So one wall had to be primed and repainted. The lines between on the boarder were not up to my standards. Paul had to make runs to home depot for more paint. Mom made the skirt and valence. I spilled blue paint on the carpet and had to give the carpet a hair cut. The frames do not match exactly and I think I want to still paint them the same blue as the stars. I put the stars on with a stencil I made after the stamp I made did not work. Now I am worried I hung a giant cat toy above the crib. That makes me wonder what are the dangers of a cat sleeping in the crib with a baby? The next step is to find a rocking chair for the room and maybe a small table to have next to it. I have no idea on what color (colour for you in Canada) to get. I hope this room will last him until he is at least 5 as I have decided I hate to paint.

Movie view.

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