Sunday, November 12, 2006

The dawn of Zee or Zed

Several weeks ago and my wife stated, "You never blog about anything 'interesting'". Several weeks before that that I started to blog; a blog that was documentation, how-tos, and various other tools of the trade in what turns out to be the day-to-day sort of mini-projects that employ a soul who enjoys solving problems with technology. Several months before that my wife suggested I should blog. Several years before that my wife began her weblog. Returning to the present, here these words be. Truth be told, I've had thoughts I wanted to blog, but seemed inappropriate in my other more 'serious' blog.

Of course like the two to three other people would collect their insights on the internet, the next step was to arrive at a cute, witty, smart, life-changing name for our blog. It turns out there are a number of great names already taken -- grrr, a dollar short and, say, five years late. This landed us with the discovery of a topic that Laura and I have had countless times, the conversation of which dialect is correct in the linguistics of daily spoken English. The ol' is 'Z' pronounced zee or zed? Is it process or is it pracess? Is it about or aboot? Is it Java or Jaeva? Is it spelt color or colour? Truly something of the upmost importance to our daily lives, something that we are working out the solution to, albeit slowly.

There you have it. The unabridged story of Laura and Paul Cooley's shared blog named 'zee or zed.' It will be were we share with the world whatever wisdom we might have -- or not have.

I hope you enjoy it.
Paul + Laura
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